Coolidge-Reagan Foundation

The Coolidge-Reagan Foundation’s mission is to defend, protect, and advance liberty, and particularly the principles of free speech and association enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The Coolidge-Reagan Foundation’s guiding principle is that every American citizen, every association of individuals, should be able to express and advocate political ideals without government interference or prior approval, including freely contributing to candidates, groups, and political parties who share their ideals and values.

The Coolidge-Reagan Foundation fulfills its mission through education on these issues, through advocacy in defense of these rights, and through litigation against government agencies that proffer unconstitutional restraints on individual liberty.  The Founding Fathers intended the First Amendment to protect the citizenry from government interference with political speech, and that includes (i.) unconstitutional contribution limits; (ii.) invasive disclosure requirements; and (iii.) oppressive restrictions on association.

While defenders of political speech have made progress in the past few years, much work remains. The government still regulates political speech and elections to a degree the Founders would have never dreamed.  The Coolidge-Reagan Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the free and robust exchange of ideas in our political marketplace, as this free exchange is the only defense for a free society.  

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To Defend, Protect and Advance Political Speech